In search of cooking tips for quick and healthy meals

I miss cooking for my family like I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I am doing. But for some reason, I really just miss the times that I prepare fabulous meals for the hubby and the kiddo.  While I cannot exactly quit my job and jump into wearing my old chef queen crown, I’m hoping to learn more meals that are healthy but are also quick to prepare. I cannot anymore afford to do the nitty gritties of preparation for doing viands, casseroles, cakes and cookies, like I used to.

The quest is now on for cooking tips that will allow me to still be able to prepare healthy meals in half or 1/4 the time. As of writing, I have been googling for cooking tips on quick and healthy meals.  I do two shifts on my virtual assistant job.  Plus the events that I cover every now and then.  In a month’s time I’ll be back to an even crazier schedule, when the little guy and I go back to our homeschool class.  So I am now off to prepare for just that. I know it is more convenient to buy or order food for our meals.  But my family deserves more than just that. So I’m off to get started with my meals that I’m going to have lined up for my boys.

Sure, I have not heard them complain just yet. They love me too much to do that. But I would love to see those sparkling eyes of satisfaction that I don’t get as much anymore lately.  Just when I thought I have already devised a system that will allow me to juggle everything and here comes the feeling of being challenged all over again.  But what’s life without a challenge, right? Balance. I keep getting back to that. Plus going back to the essentials of life in the midst of responsibilities. 🙂

In search of cooking tips for quick and healthy meals

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