The makings of an affair

Statistics have it that it is more common for married couples to have affairs than they are to separate. This is definitely hands down one of the most heart breaking issues the hubby and I would deal with, with some people that we encounter from time to time. This is also why we are very passionate when it comes to influencing the younger generation to make the right decisions while they are in their youth.

More often than not a person carries the principles he had when he was in the dating scene to the time he will be married. And most likely, a compromising lifestyle in your youth will influence you for the rest of your adult life. There are few exceptions to the rule, true. But a compromise ceases to look like such when you have gone that road. Until that lie eats you up and you find yourself in the midst of a dysfunctional married relationship. A different, more modern culture does not change the need in a human’s heart to be loved faithfully.

A handful of times, a wife will come to me with marital concerns, doubting herself if she is at all making herself attractive enough for her husband.  I personally believe that we should never at all take ourselves for granted. In fact, I have my own beauty blog,, to back just that. But I also believe that there is no reason good enough for any spouse, husband or wife, to ever be unfaithful to his or her better half.

Affair snowballs from the compromises we welcome our lives through our everyday choices. They are those seemingly harmless choices that are tragedies in the making.

The makings of an affair

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