No more second hand car

It was a couple of weeks ago that the hubby and I considered buying a second hand 2004 Altis instead of buying a brand new car. It’s way cheaper for one. We really could make use of a better car than the 1989 hatchback we’re currently using now. Its being submerged during the Ondoy flooding did not help its already ancient state. So much repairs are needed to be done and it has dented so much of our savings already, that the wisest thing to do is just have it replaced altogether.

A second hand car would mean no warranty, that’s one thing to factor in. And even an insurance will still be a lot. So I stood by the price I was bargaining with the owner for. I rested in the hope that if it’s for me, then the Lord will let us know. But if it’s not, God has got something better in store for us.

I just learned some days ago that the second hand car was sold already. So there goes our decision. We’re buying a brand new one instead! 🙂

No more second hand car

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