Electrolux introduces new home appliances

The very first home appliance purchase the hubby and I had as newlyweds was an Electrolux vacuum cleaner. I was one overwhelmed housewife, to say that least. I grew up with a nanny and later an all around helper in the house. This is the norm of two income families in our country and it does not necessarily come with a “well off” premise. I always knew how to cook, bake but not so much when it comes to doing the laundry, ironing and cleaning department. The overwhelmed me got down to purchasing our very own cleaner helper via the Electrolux vacuum. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nine years into our marriage, we have sailed on beautifully in the household arena with but a few challenges. Yes, we have stood through our decision of being helper free. Save for the once a week cleaning lady that I hire to do some general cleaning, but that’s it. If I was just a plain housewife, then that wouldn’t have been such big a deal. But I am not. Aside from being the queen of our abode, I also homeschool my son and then work from home via web content writing and virtual assistant jobs and cover some events too. Truth be told, I’m not having it any other way. After having had a helper ever since I can remember. It is just bliss to have the privacy that we enjoy now. But this kind of crazy lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It did take a while before I was able to device a system that worked for me. But if there’s anything essential for those who can relate it is this – the household gadgets and appliances!

SRP of the Top Load Washer (T-Drive)
7kg – P14,499
9kg – P19,499

I understand why some wives won’t bother buying such pricey automatic washers – they have someone to do it for them. I don’t! And I’m not gonna kill myself breaking my back for hours a day sweating it out on basins loaded with dirty clothes! I can very well make use of that time doing some online tasks that will pay the bills, thank you. This is where my fully automatic washer comes in – its battered state tells of how well it has served me through the years.

My automatic washer actually needs replacing. It is now more than 5 years old and naturally I was drawn to the washers area during the Electrolux Midsommer Festival held in Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong last Thursday, March 25, 2010. I love that its agitator is high and its T-Drive system solves issues like: unseemly residue stains, uneven cleaning and tangled clothes that regular washers have.

SRP of Air Conditioner
1 HP (horse power) – P23,900
1.5 HP (horse power) – P27,900
2.0 HP (horse power) – P33,900

The next that got my attention was the split type air conditioner.  Unassuming as it may seem, the Electrolux split-type airconditioner  is notches higher than its other just-as-known-contemporaries.

The peak so far of summer came a few weeks ago, with humidity threatening and actually had a few suffer from heat exhaustion. My workstation at home isn’t air conditioned. So this got us to plan to buy a split type a/c. It wasn’t until the speakers from the Electrolux event talked about how different their split airconditioners are that they got my full attention.

The new Electrolux split-type air conditioner has an energy efficiency level as high as 11.6, making it amongst the most energy efficient in its class. This means it costs less to operate, saving your family money, and helping save the environment as well, as it releases less harmful carbon dioxide.

And when it comes to staying cool, its Follow Me Technology, a feature unique to Electrolux, allows you to set the exact temperature you want and have the cool air follow you as you move throughout the room!

It also has Air Filtration Integrated System, which helps you breathe easy with a number of air purification technologies. The innovative Bio HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter removes over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles, eliminating the problem of re-pollution when the filtered air is re-circulated.

Meanwhile, the Active Plasma Filtration system reduces the incidence of allergies, asthma and even the common cold by guarding against 99% of airborne allergens; 95% of harmful bacteria and 85% of viruses, while its Gold Fin Protection helps prevent both the condenser and evaporator from the onset of rust and is highly capable of stopping the growth of dangerous bacteria.

It even helps you get healthy with its Vitamin C technology, which helps soften your skin, reduce stress, inhibit bacteria and combat free radicals that cause cell damage.

All I can say was, “Wow!” The Follow Me Technology did sound a lot like Twitter to me and it was just cool (like literally)! But that Vitamin C technology just about blew me over. I so like that! I have always known that being in an air conditioned room for long hours can actually make a person’s skin dry. That’s one case solved by Electrolux which is just sweet. Makes me think that I should be writing about it in my beauty blog as well. 🙂

SRP of new refrigerators
from P14,000 – P47,000

Another equally interesting product that Electrolux launched was their new line of refrigerators that offer market fresh for food even in the heat of summer. With features like the Active Deo Fresh system that absorbs stray odors, a Multi-Air Flow Cooling System that maintains a constant temperature inside the refrigerator and humidity control that helps keep vegetables from wilting, the Electrolux refrigerator helps make meals more delicious by ensuring that food retains their original flavors and freshness longer.

Guests were able to test this firsthand as we were given strawberries (traditional Midsommer fare), kept fresh inside the new Electrolux refrigerator. Yumm!

with fellow bloggers during the Electrolux Midsommer Festival

Electrolux introduces new home appliances

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