Watch out for this book review: Intimacy Ignited

I have enjoyed reading Intimacy Ignited, Conversations from Couple to Couple, as soon as I held it. Finished 5 chapters in one sitting and then I got too busy with our son’s graduation and my online tasks. But just to give you an idea, this book embarks on a verse by verse exploration of the Bible’s very own manual on sex and passion: the Song of Solomon. The couples vision of this book was for married couples to discover freedom, holiness and beauty of sex in marriage and learn why it all begins with a servant’s heart.

Ours is a sexually charged society. You can barely count with your fingers the non-sexually suggestive commercials that are existing. Here is the thing, sex was designed by God, to be enjoyed in marriage and this is how it should be.

Here’s what cofounders of FamilyLife, Dennis and Barbara Rainey said of Intimacy Ignited:

Why settle for a little heat when you can have a raging fire? Intimacy Ignited shows married couples how to embrace God’s fun, beautiful, and holy plan for sex, as described in the Song of Solomon. An essential book.

And here’s another from the President of Minirth Clinic, Richardson, Texas, Frank Minirth,M.D. PH.D.

Intimacy Ignited glows with excitement and sagacious directions for couples seeking a godly and exhilarating marriage. The authors will help make not only the Scriptures come alive but also your marriage.

Watch out for this book review: Intimacy Ignited
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