Wyeth’s I-Shine Talent Camp

at the Wyeth I-Shine Talent Camp (Activity Center, Edsa Shangri-la Mall) – March 20, 2010

Our little guy just graduated from preschool early this month. Now that it’s summer vacation, the hubby and I are choosing what summer classes our son could attend wherein he could nurture his talents and skills and have fun while at it.

Wyeth’s I-Shine Talent Camp that we attended last Saturday, March 20, 2010 was a timely event for our family. Because we also believe in their advocacy of nurturing a child’s talent and we hope to focus on it more now that it is school break for the both of us (we’re homeschooling). As we went through the booths in the camp, we were introduced to a number of very interesting activities that we can enroll our son in. We are particularly looking into a music class. Jed is very musically inclined, proven by one of the awards he received when he graduated (Best in Sound Recognition), this will make the most sense for him to get into. If ever, this is going to be his first summer workshop if ever. Center for Pop had a booth in the camp and we were given a coupon that will grant our son a couple of hours of free session. How’s that for a treat? 🙂

Carlo dela Paz, Product Manager of Promil Pre-School, talks about Wyeth’s I-Shine Talent Camp. (interviewed by Mommy Lace)

Nurturing A Child’s Natural Wonders

As school is about to end, the coming months will be a great time to explore a child’s budding talents. That is why this March, a free workshop called Promil Pre School’s i-Shine Talent Camp, will be staged in select malls nationwide, where kids can explore their talents as their moms lend them the needed encouragement and support.

As they enter the talent camp, moms and kids will be led to three different interactive areas, each representing the three stages of nurturing a child’s talent: Observe, Play and Encourage.

Live performances showcasing outstanding talents, interviews from parents and child experts, and free workshops will be the main highlight at the Observe booth. Moms and kids will be given the opportunity to interact with the talented kids and experienced teachers, and get to know them better, especially on how these artists have developed their talents through the years, and what child experts recommend to parents to help nurture their child’s talents.

At the Play section, interactive booths will expose children to the various performing arts such as music, singing, acting and dancing. The booth will allow kids to play with the instruments, learn and interact with other participants. Workshop facilitators will be there to help the kids explore their interests and develop them into talents.

Meantime, both mothers and children will keep their hands busy at the Encourage booth. Activities such as drawing, painting, arts and crafts will allow kids to try various creative tools such as crayons, paint and clay, side by side their mothers who will serve as their guides.

Parent-kid tandems who participated in all three activities will definitely be rewarded with a special Promil Pre-School i-Shine gift pack which contains a kiddie backpack and free Promil Pre-School. They would also earn the chance to win exciting prizes coming from Promil Pre-School’s partner establishments in the raffle.

Have fun at the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp
Both mothers and kids will certainly enjoy as they both unravel and develop talents at the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp in the following malls: Trinoma Mall (March 13 to 14), EDSA Shangri-La Mall (March 20 to 21), NCCC Mall Davao (March 27 to 28), and Ayala Center Cebu (April 10 to 11).

Wyeth’s I-Shine Talent Camp

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