Cantonese Soup Kitchen

I initially had my doubts when we first learned that the next food event the hubby and I were invited to was to a Chinese restaurant. I was pleasantly relieved and eventually got really curious when Rowena of told me that this is NOT like your ordinary Chinese restaurant. Most Chinese restaurants are notorious for using Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) to their dishes. However companies disprove that MSG’s being bad for one’s health, my body tells me otherwise. Migraine strikes almost instantly as I consume food with this spice.

a few of the delectable food choices from Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Here’s the thing, although I can be familiar with Chinese dishes, this was actually the first time I have tasted herbal soups. And although I can have my leaning towards organic stuff, the idea still did not appeal that much to me until I have actually tasted the soups themselves.

What’s with Chinese Herbal Soups?
Chinese Herbal Soup is a most natural dietary way to good health. Adding Chinese herbs to soups has been a tradition and distinct of Cantonese cuisines. Chinese herbs are known for their curative functions for the human body. A common way to incorporate the herbs is brewing them together with mean over slow fire for 2 to 3 hours. This releases the essences and nutrients of the ingredients into the soup. This then allows for the human body to easily absorb the nutrients of the soup.

Sibot w/ Duck Soup P195

The Sibot Duck is one of the oldest and most popular Chinese herbal Soup recipes. This soup is famous for restoring energy and strengthening the immune system and is very good for men and women of all ages.

Black Chicken w/ 3 Kinds of Ginseng Soup P220

This herbal soup is most beneficial to restore chi or energy. It is good for the lungs and invigorates blood to counter fatigue and stress. Effectively strengthens liver functions.

Our visit to Cantonese Soup Kitchen in Banawe was such an experience. I have not found any other restaurant with such focus on health and well being of its customers. Hearing the story and the history of how this restaurant came about straight from the owner himself, Michael Ang, I cannot help but be fascinated and be inspired. This family did not just keep their healthful recipes to themselves. They made it possible for their patrons to experience the benefits as well.

The hubby and I cannot wait to go back and visit again. If only we weren’t scheduled to watch Pacquiao vs Clottey live stream later today, we will surely head over this restaurant to try out the other dishes for our lunch date. But we will surely go visit very soon. Patrons will be pleased to know that Cantonese Soup Kitchen is opening up another branch in Banawe too on April  2010. This branch will be bigger and can accommodate 150 customers, with more parking space too. 🙂

Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City.

Cantonese Soup Kitchen

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