Growing up too fast

Our son here is playing with other graduating kids during their 15 minute break. He easily makes friends, that’s for sure. The hubby and I overheard a girl from the bunch ask Jed if he can be her new best friend. My son was all smiles as they were both on the see saw and quipped, “Why do you want me to be your bestfriend?” The girl readily answered “Because you are the kindest.” Jed answered back, “Wow! Sure, I like that.”

All this time we thought he was not paying attention to their conversation, and was too busy playing. But after a couple of days, during his random talks with Jeff, he told his papa about this girl in school who wants him to be her new best friend, and said that he likes her too.

Time flies by so fast. It was as if it was just yesterday that I could carry him with one arm effortlessly. Now with his close to 55 lbs. at his age of 4, he is often mistaken to be 6 year old by many. Sometimes I wish I can stop time, and just relish these moments a wee bit longer.

Growing up too fast

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