Coming Soon: The Other Man Movie Review

The hubby and I watched Richard Eyre’s The Other Man the other day. It has been a while since the hubby and I watched a movie together. There are a few that we have lined up but the tons of work prevent us from watching movies very often.

This particular film focuses on the story through the husband’s eye. It was told in such interesting manner, as opposed to what is usual in movies of such taste – crime of passion. I will post a more decent movie review in the coming days.

We might not have a home theater seating, but we’re cozy watching from the hubby’s laptop which is not bad because it is Dolby Surround. We rarely use the LCD tv nowadays. Truth be told, we’d rather watch at home than have to go to the mall, get a parking space, line up and fumble for seats. It could be fun sometimes. But this is what we prefer more often than not. We love that we are able to pause the movie and try to analyze in between what has gone wrong in the story. This is one of things we love doing when we spend time together. 🙂

Coming Soon: The Other Man Movie Review

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