Busy schedule and upcoming quick vacation

We will rest when we die. This is a funny quote my husband says when we become crazy busy. Crazy busy, in a good way. Truth be told, I have been lacking sleep. The most I get nowadays is 5 hours a day. It’s a blessing that I don’t get as much migraine attacks anymore.

If there is anything I am grateful for this week is my mom’s boy helper who she allowed me to hire him for one day to do some general cleaning around the house. My usual weekend girl hasn’t been available lately. My guess is that she has finally put up her own store. Because of all the things I do, especially now during the preparations that we have to do for our son’s upcoming graduation and my online jobs, not to mention the regular chores I do everyday around the house. I sometimes cannot imagine how I do it all!

Late this month we will be off to Baguio with my relatives. My favorite aunt is coming home after so many years and we are so looking forward to spend time with her. I cannot wait to stuff our luggage for the trip! Manila heat has been crazy nowadays. The Baguio weather will be such a refreshing change.

Busy schedule and upcoming quick vacation

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