Availed of the “Force Majeure” Feature for Home Insurance

When our home insurance agent called early this month to remind us that our coverage is to expire before the month ends, we made sure we had to ask her to add in the “force majeure” feature.  Yes, we might be paying a couple more grand for the premium, but I think it is a small price to pay, just in case what happened during typhoon Ondoy will happen again – documented here, here and here.

Although she was almost sure that it will never happen at least in the next 30 years, I cannot just take her word for it. It was hard enough to shake off the trauma, let alone have all these studies come up and say to us that the likelihood of that happening again is not really far fetched. It is said that a wide portion of Rizal area should not be there to begin with. A lot of reclaimed areas are the very cause of the flooding. So this is really the very least that we could do, second to praying for God’s hand over this land.

There are a few free insurance quotes that I was tempted to still look into, but because of my very busy schedule. Homeschooling in the morning, article writing right after lunch and my virtual assistant job in the evenings. Plus the events I get to cover from time to time, I hardly have time to check out other insurance companies. I’m sticking with the one we’ve had for 8 years now. Yes, we’ve had insurance even while we were still renting. But during that time, we only had the house contents insured, now it is for the whole house and contents, against fire and flood.

Availed of the “Force Majeure” Feature for Home Insurance

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