Our little fireman

Right now our son pretty much wants to do a handful of different careers when he grows up, at least that’s what he tells us. He loved the movie Up and would often insist that he be called Russell from and he wants to be a wilderness explorer. Then a couple of weeks back he came to me and said that he wants to be called Flint Lockwood and said he likes to be a scientist when he grows up.

When he is in his room, he shifts from being a doctor, armed with his toy stethoscope to a carpenter with his very own tool box (gift from his Tita She), to being a plumber carrying his tool.  But last night he did enjoy being a firefighter during his photoshoot.

The lady photographer from Pic A Boo had fun shooting with our little guy who was ever ready to do what was asked of him.  This is one of the pictures that I took using my own camera during the shoot. I wasn’t allowed to use flash, plus I wasn’t exactly able to adjust my camera’s setting to match the room’s lighting, resulting to fuzzy shots.  We will get the official shots posted here next week. Can’t wait. 🙂

Our little fireman

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