We went Turkish on our 13th

Being spontaneous is something that we cannot afford as much anymore. This is why we are grateful that I gave birth to our son 3 years after we got married. It was relatively a long wait. But God knew that we needed that much time to adjust to each other to be able to give our son the kind of family that He has in mind for us to have. God’s timing is ever perfect.

Now that we chose to be helper or nanny free, homeschooling at that, we cannot really be as adventurous now as we used to be. I say all these without regrets, though.  We love what we have now and are indeed grateful.  But on our 13th anniversary as a couple a few days ago, February 10, we decided to just leave the house for a celebration. My folks happily welcomed our son in to spend the night and the hubby and I just went around the Metro.

In our indecision and with no particular Persian place we were hoping to spot, we ended up going Turkish.  We loved the simplicity of Jacob’s Shawarma.  It wasn’t posh all right but we were too famished to go around some more. But I loved the beef and lamb combination shawarma that I ordered. I didn’t get to have a bite of the hubby’s order of Salmon shawarma because I ordered yoghurt with my meal.  We were told that yoghurt and salmon can’t go together, I’d end up getting poisoned. That’s just an interesting trivia we left the place with. We then topped our night with a couples massage over at Seven Senses Spa. More than the massages, I love the skin pampering and the jacuzzi treat. I just thought after that we really ought to do this more often. 🙂

We went Turkish on our 13th

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