Happy Hearts Day

To love and to be loved is the bedrock of our existence. But love must also flex and adapt. Rigid love is not true love. It is veiled manipulation, a conditional time bomb that explodes when frustrated. Genuine love willingly waits! It isn’t pushy or demanding. While it has its limits, its boundaries are far-reaching. It neither clutches nor clings. Real love is not short-sighted, selfish, or insensitive. It detects needs and does what is best for the other person without being told.

This is so true.  God has indeed designed us for love relationships.  Life is just an empty shell without them.  This is why I cannot be more thankful for the marriage that the Lord has put me in.  Ours is not a perfect marriage but with God’s grace, has allowed for our unique personalities to come together beautifully for His glory.

I still do think I can be a better wife.  Sure I can always point back my imperfections to my family of origin but that would be just lame. But I sincerely think that I’m getting better at my being a wife as years pass. I still don’t give him gifts, but I can now pull myself back and not be as defensive anymore unlike when we were first married. When we were a young couple and I felt the slightest tinge of rejection, I would find myself raising up that wall of defense even against my husband who has always been all out but love for me.  Of course, he’s not all saint, he can be a little out of zone of sorts sometimes, but his motivations of motivations and in his hearts of hearts is  love, save for those moments that I step on his male ego by my defensiveness.

No human can love me like he does, despite his warts and all. I’m sure even if ever the Lord wills for us to grow really old together, he’d stick with me through and through, even if he isn’t exactly the nurturing one, between us two.

Happy Hearts Day, my Jeff love! 🙂

Happy Hearts Day

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