Pre Valentine Dinner Feast at Old Vine Grille and Kuse

Last Wednesday, February 3, the hubby and I were invited, together with fellow bloggers to have a taste of Old Vine Grille and Kuse cuisines (Continental and Filipino) in Venize Piazza at McKinley Hill. It was a sumptuous Pre Valentine Dinner, to say the least. The ambiance was divine and laid back. It was fun how the restaurants’ managing partner, Larry Cortez sat with us for random chit chats – from the history of the Tessie Tomas Salad to our (the bloggers’) passion for photography. I was delighted to know that they are the same company behind Uncle Cheffy Restaurant in Eastwood Libis.

Uncle Cheffy is where we dined in on our 8th wedding anniversary last December. It made an impact on me because their staff were extra courteous and honest. We forgot some of our stuff in the restaurant and one of them actually went out of his way to come looking for us. We hopped to another restaurant and there he was with all our things – intact. I was meaning to make a blog post of our anniversary dinner but because of the crazy holiday schedule, I never got down to doing just that.

Here are a few of the shots that I took from our divine dinner treat courtesy of Old Vine Grille and Kuse.

Old Vine Grille entrance

inside Old Vine Grille

private room  (should accommodate at least 30 people)

Tessie Tomas Salad – P295 (small)/ P595 (regular)

Paco Salad sa Laguna (with Kesong Puti) – P 165

Seared Tuna Sashimi (with olive oil and garlic in ponzu sauce) – P220 (small)/ P410 (regular) 

Salmon Carpaccio – P230 (small)/P420 (regular)

Poele Lamb Spareribs – P 395  

Garlic Dulong Rice – P95

Batangas Bulalo Soup – P495

Fried Pla Pla w/ Burong Mustasa (Sauces:Balo-balo, Escabeche, Tomato Salsa) – P295

Chocolate Gooey Fudge – P150

the feasting bunch 😀

Pre Valentine Dinner Feast at Old Vine Grille and Kuse

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