My Photography blog is now live

Any person who knows how packed my schedule already is could very well conclude that I am crazy for launching another blog — a photography blog, this time. But don’t label me that just yet.  I actually consider this as a reward for myself. To finally be able to do what I love to do and actually get better at it.

I have always wanted to learn photography. Attended class one time but have never really gotten serious about it. I don’t exactly have a lot of extra time in my hands. But I figured launching my very own Project 365 as I welcome 2010 will be such a neat idea to force myself to be more than just a mediocre photography hobbyist. The inspiration actually came as I was doing some random online tasks, looking through auto insurance quote and getting impressed at how companies make use of such sassy photos and use them to market their products.

My Nikki is just an entry level DSLR all right.  But I have seen Ken Rockwell make use of probably the cheapest DSLR in the world to make great shots.  If I’d be 1/4 as good as Ken Rockwell, then I’m good.    The photos above are a collection of the 23 shots of my project 365.  The idea is to take one shot a day. 23 days in and I should say I actually forced myself to use more than just the Program setting, even just a bit. And that is really something! I have had Nikki since June 2009 and I have not dared veer away from that “P” setting, until I’ve tried the Aperture priority and even the Manual setting. I still get crazy over using the Manual setting, though.  But I look forward to the day that I will breeze through getting the perfect setting on manual like it is a no brainer.  That will be the day! 😀

My Photography blog is now live

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