Health insurance recommendations, please?

We’re still looking for a health coverage for our little guy. Believe it or not, we have given all the requirements asked of us as soon as I got the copy of my son’s birth certificate a month after giving birth to him. Up until now, we still do not have news if the hubby’s insurance will cover it. It is really frustrating, to say the least. We have been given words that we need to follow it up and all. After several calls, the hubby was told over again to follow it up.  We have been following it up for over four years now, for crying out loud.

My son is already 4 years old. Four years since and we’re still in the loop. I figured we just need to get him a separate insurance coverage. I sure hope to find one that has the same coverage that they have. Any suggestions for a good health insurance coverage?

Health insurance recommendations, please?

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