Our family’s health

This lack of sleep is definitely giving me reasons to worry about our family’s health. It is not only I who stays up late. For some reason or another, the hubby stays up late with me. While I know that is sweet, I really would rather have him sleep ahead. I’m afraid it is now taking its toll on him. He has been having colds lately.

I have been encouraging him to drink kefir milk as often as I do to keep sickness at bay. I have kicked off a handful of possible illness because of regularly taking kefir milk and I think my not being sick despite his second time of being sick the last couple of months, he is already convinced. The only thing that bothers me right now is what seems to be like an adult acne, peeking at the side of my forehead. It is because of the lack of sleep, I know. But I will have this taken care of when I go see the dermatologist this weekend. 🙂

Our family’s health

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