Pampers Yoga Stretchycise Launch

While our little guy might be well over his diapering years now that he’s four, I cannot emphasize enough the fact how Pampers played a major role in the first two years of his life. Yes, I have always been partial towards leakproof cloth diapers. In fact, it is the one thing I made sure I use on my son majority of the time when we’re at home. But overnights and whenever we leave the house, disposable diapers it is.  

Today, my little guy and I had such fun time as we attended Pampers Yoga Stretchycise Press Launch held at the Manila Polo Club. Above are pictures of myself and fellow mommy bloggers who attended.  

Free to play all day with new Pampers Active Baby with Elastic Sides. Crawling, tumbling, walking… when your baby hits 9 – 18 months, it seems he’s always in motion. You see, that’s how he learns all about the world – by exploring and investigating everything around him. But with all that bending and turning, research shows that baby’s tummy can actually stretch up to 5 cm! That’s why he needs a diaper that not only fits just right but can stretch and move with him – like Pampers Active Baby. It has elastic sides that expand and contract, following baby’s body shape. Combine that with absorbency that lasts up to 12 hours and you have a diaper that gives baby the comfortable fit he needs to play and learn all day! Now available at supermarkets nationwide.

I would sure use those fun and hip new exercises routine that baby yoga instructor, Maritoni Tordecillas demonstrated – in the event that we will be blessed with another baby again. 🙂 Yes, we’re TTC and whatever is God’s will for this particular desire in our hearts, we will heed. All right, that deserves another blog post altogether. But yes, I am pretty sure that the things that I have learned during this Pampers Yoga Stretchycise event can come in handy as I plan to use it alongside the infant massage therapy techniques that I have mastered on my then little guy, when he was still a teeny weeny baby. If feels so long ago, now I can barely carry him!  I will write another blog post on the baby yoga exercise details and benefits later.

Here is a collage of a few of the pictures I took when the kids were having the time of their lives in the Gymboree play area.  Thanks to Pampers and Gymboree for such a fun event for kids and mommies alike.  What makes it even more fun was when my name was called during the raffle and I got my little guy an annual membership GC for Gymboree.  


Pampers Yoga Stretchycise Launch

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