Just a quick update

Now that the holidays are over, people are altogether bustling back to their regular routine and that includes us. I know I have failed to do our anniversary post during the holidays and I also know I have a handful of other backlogs waiting to be sat and worked on.

While I have to confess that there is no way I could get down to all of that. Allow me to just let you guys know that 2010 is proving to be an even exciting year for our family. We got to meet Bro. Eddie Villanueva yesterday and we’re more convinced than ever that there is no other candidate worthy of the country’s highest position. As much as I hope to shy away from anything political, I cannot be apathetic to the ongoings of our country, let alone, not care for what the upcoming election will affect my son’s generation.  I will be working on my post on our meeting with Bro. Eddie and my thoughts about his candidacy. The mockery of people who criticize him just do not know any better, that is just the bottom line and that is said without meaning to insult them.

On the side lines, I am happy to be able to start working as a virtual assistant. While I may not be doing a lot of article writing anymore, I am glad to be doing this four hours every day, six days a week. Another means to supplement the growing needs of our family.   I am pretty convinced that my teachable spirit will be able to suck everything in that I need to learn.

Yes, we’re also back home schooling and Jed now knows how to read without my teaching him how. We are not even done with all the letter sounds (phonics) yet and he surprises me with how he is able to read even five letter words! I so love the School of Tomorrow’s curriculum! Go visit our homechooling page via ChristianHomeschooler.info when you get the chance.

In the midst of the ahhs and hurrahs, my heart bleeds for one of my counselees. While I cannot divulge anything here (vow of confidentiality), I am giving the issue over at the Lord’s feet.  I am making myself available to whatever ministry the Lord calls me to do and while it is not easy to detach myself from such heart tugging issues, I have learned to lean on the Lord for every single thing.  Knowing and learning still, that He is ultimately in control of everything.

I will have my sweet hubby, Jeff, update this blog with one of his marriage series sermons. Watch out for that. Today is also the second week, SBCMakati.org has done live streaming. You will find last week’s and today’s worship service archived. The link is on the main page of the website. Tä tä! Have a great week folks! 😀

Just a quick update

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