Our offices made by hubby

Here are my son’s office and mine, side by side. Both were hand made by the hubby. It was imperative that both tables were placed like such. It would be the most convenient, even as we do our home school classes everyday. I couldn’t have imagined we will be able to pull it off.  I remember at around the same time last year, we were trying to figure out how we will be able to fit in our son’s study nook in our tiny house.  Just look at what we were able to squeeze in.  Not just our son’s office but mine as well.

The hubby built my office table, November of last year and just this week he built his own.  For that, I am the most relieved.  Now I can get the dining table clear of clutter. He has been using the dining table as his workstation at home.  We are praying to be able to build a second storey this year and I could just about guess that we might be having more space by then. 😉 Although contemporary furniture from the department store may be a tad better looking to the majority, than the hubby’s wood works,  for me, his are still the finest. 🙂

Our offices made by hubby

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