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We might have mentioned once or twice from previous posts that we now have our newest blog live — ChristianHomeschooler.info. Yes, it is one of the reasons why we have stalled in posting some updates for this blog. Thank you for your continuous visit despite the lack of updates, though.  We just love homeschooling so much that we were afraid we were just going to flood MarriageandBeyond.com with homeschool related posts.  Which is actually accepted as it can always belong to the “Beyond” phase.  But then again, as a web content writer who maintains niched blogs, we deemed it better to have a separate one to journal our homeschooling journey.  

We started homeschooling late June of this year.  Even prior to homeschooling, I was looking into creating a blog for it. But we were just about to test the waters, I wasn’t even sure if I would be adequate to homeschool my son. A lot of concerns that  delayed that homeschool blog goal.  But after praying about it and the Lord has given us peace. After all the school visits that we did, of tradition ones and otherwise, we knew in our hearts that homeschooling was “it” for our family.  As what I have shared about how we knew for sure that we were called to homeschool, there were a handful of odds but we persisted.  The confidence of the peace that God has placed in our hearts enabled us to stand through the apprehensions of people, who might even have the best of motives.  

The curriculum that our family is using is School of Tomorrow’s Preschool with Ace and Christi.  We are blessed to have been contacted by one of our “Ninongs” in marriage, a few months before we were to enroll our son in the program.  Kuya Alfred contacted Jeff for a reason that has nothing to do with homeschooling, then he asked us how we’re doing.  We shared our plan to homeschool our son using SOT’s program and we were delighted to know that they are using the same curriculum for their youngest daughter.  He expressed willingness to have us borrow the manuals (4 of them), which actually gets the bulk of the curriculum cost.  This is another affirmation from God. You could just imagine how blessed our hearts were and how He is making everything fall into place.  Even using people like Kuya Alfred and Ate Belen Baltazar as God’s channels of blessing to our family, for which we are extremely grateful.  

I know I can go on and on about homeschooling and I might just end up with a thousand or more words in this single post. For more about our journey into homeschooling, feel free to visit ChristianHomeschooler.info.  Cut us some slack too, if you may, it’s still a baby blog.  There are still so many things we hope to share in that blog aside from snippets of the things we do during our class.  


Our Homeschool Blog: ChristianHomeschooler.info

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