Test driving Globe Tattoo

Aside from our DSL connection at home, the hubby and I have had two internet broadband sticks (Smart – prepaid) and Sun (postpaid), until recently that we also got a hold of a Globe Tattoo that came for free from my anniversary gift to him – a netbook.  I was actually surprised because I kind of gotten used to the two other broadbands’ ultra slow responses. The free Globe Tattoo that came with the netbook has been responding pretty satisfactorily. I claimed the tattoo stick as mine and it was okay with the hubs because we were really planning to get a tattoo for myself,  after being frustrated over the connection speed of the two other broadband that we’ve had.

We’ve been well aware of the broadband wars, which really got us to try each one. It has been two days since I got the Globe Tattoo and so far, so good I love the speed it gives me. It may be that I always get good coverage around the areas I connect to the internet.

The Nesic Philippines wireless broadband speedtest looks more reputable and unbiased when it comes to the actual delivery of these wireless internet sticks. Just looking at the tests done by Nesic makes for a good, definitive one.  Here are screenshots of speed tests of Smart, Sun and Globe Tattoo, done by Nesic Philippines.

smart speedtest  

Smart Broadband

sun broadband speedtest

Sun Broadband

globe tattoo speedtest

Globe Tattoo

My Globe Tattoo is just a couple of days old and as I’ve said I am pretty satisfied with the connection speed that it gives me. I have tested in QC, Makati, Taguig and here in Antipolo. It can be that these places have good cell site coverage, which I think boils down to just that. An internet service provider’s connection speed will depend on the coverage of the area you are in. But this much I can say, my tattoo is pretty amazing since I got hold of it. On the other hand, these wireless broadband wars can really work well for us consumers, primarily because these companies will work towards providing better internet connection.

Test driving Globe Tattoo

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