Our First Annual Homeschoolers Christmas Fellowship


We attended yesterday, December 4, 2009, our very first Annual Homeschoolers Christmas Fellowship over at Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow in Paranaque City.  It was a huge school. I heard from the hubby that it was formerly a Japanese International School.  If only we live close by, then we won’t think twice in enrolling our little guy in this school if and when we’ll graduate him from homeschooling.  What’s important is they’re using the same curriculum that we want for our child.  


After registration and having lunch, the hosts presented an AVP that summarizes the what happened throughout the year.  It was followed by presenting the students who joined the different student conventions that is held yearly.  More importantly we were happy to be able to get acquainted with other homeschooling parents in the Philippines.  Some of them came all the way from different provinces and even foreign nationals from miami, even Burma.  


After the puppet show presentation, the children were divided into groups by level and went to designated classrooms.  Homeschooling parents were divided into groups and did some team building activities.  It was fun! I also got to meet a lovely fellow blogger/homeschooler.  Homeschooling may not yet be the norm in our society and I still believe that it is not for everyone.  It all goes right back to what George Morrison pointed out about the need to educate women of the world.  Educated women will more likely produce children who can reach their potential or even exceed it.  Not because of genes that the child will inherit but because of her unique influence on her offsprings.  

Our First Annual Homeschoolers Christmas Fellowship

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