Lovin’ the Christmas breeze

I so love this time of the year! Ever since December stepped in, the cool weather breeze has been giving us more reason to be jolly. The weather is always at its best around this time of the year. I remember even having a cooler temperature around first week of January last year in Manila what they had in Texas, where my folks where during that time.

We can only hope that weather is this nice or at least a little bit more bearable than the crazy humid staple we always have during most months of the year. But with the existence of global warming, that’s practically just wishful thinking. I have always believed that I can function better in a cooler place where furnace filters are regular things, like Baguio. I feel more efficient when I don’t get easily tired because of the heat.  I just have a crazy thought that I might just be born for Christmas. Relish the holiday breeze, y’all! 😀

Lovin’ the Christmas breeze

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