Flowers from the hubby for our anniversary


As I’ve previously mentioned in a post I wrote last year, unlike most girls I know, I am not particularly fond of receiving flowers as gift from my dear husband. It did take a while before my hubby was able to understand and grasp this odd thing about me. But whenever anyone else would give me flowers, I don’t mind and actually appreciate it but not if it comes from him.

An interesting thing happened to me during these past months. I think I figured out why I have this aversion over this tradition. I don’t like having to throw wilted flowers away. It saddens me. I would really rather receive potted flowers from the husband. Now that our anniversary is near, I am hoping that he gives me pots and pots of beautiful ones that I can take care of. I am not exactly a green thumb, I can only wish I was. Here’s hoping that’s something that can be acquired. 🙂


Flowers from the hubby for our anniversary

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