Road Testing Phiten’s Rakuwa Bracelet

When I first heard about Phiten’s rakuwa bracelets, May of this year, I just had to go online and research on what it is and what it does. This bracelet may look a lot like your regular sports bracelet but I was surprised to learn that it goes beyond just the aesthetics. So I was intrigued when I first read about its ability to help the human body maintain a balanced and relaxed state by influencing, restoring and balancing bio-electiricity in the body. So I went, bio-what? At first, all I thought of it was nothing more than a marketing fad. That is, until I tested it myself.  Not being quite convinced, I road tested it a few more times after, just to make sure they’re nothing short of coincidence.

phiten bracelet

With the number of marketing strategies of companies my husband and I have encountered in the past, anyone would understand why we were skeptical about Phiten rakuwa at first. I tried it out for myself and at least a couple of times, it took care of body pains and even migraine and then I forgot all about wearing it again.  I have had my migraine days consistently every month since my adolescence stage and somehow I kind of got used to it already. I am pleased how for the last few months I did not need to take pain relievers, my staple being a Naproxen pill. Now all I did was sleep my headache off and wear my Phiten bracelet.  The hubby still looked at me in disbelief but after awhile of seeing me free of the usual body pains I would normally complain bout, he started to become a believer as well.  I even challenged him to use it during one of his football games. Will let you guys know of his feedback then. 😉

The science behind this Phiten technology got me into looking into it all the more especially so that I have started reaping the benefits of using it.

Phiten is a Japanese brand that aims to help maintain the body’s natural state of balance which is easily disrupted by today’s busy lifestyle.  Phild Process is a breakthrough technology from Japan through the effortof Mr. Yoshihiro Hirata. It aims to help the human body maintain a balanced and relaxed state by influencing, restoring and balancing bio-electricity in the body.  Through the Phild Process, carbonized water-soluble forms of Titanium, Gold and Silver are used to permeate fibers and fabrics without the latter losing its texture creating Aquametal.  Aquametal is the remarkable water soluble form of Titanium, Gold and Silver. These metals are then incorporated to Phiten products that when worn helps to improve ciruclation, promote healing and provide performance enhancement during physical activity.

Benefits of Wearing Phiten Products:

1. Improvement – helps relieve pain like shoulder stiffness, backpain, muscle pain, improves blood circulation.

2. Prevention – helps prevent fatigue and injury by relaxing the muscles and thereby gaining some degree of flexibility

3. Enhancement –  helps enhance physical abilities like muscle strength and flexibility.  Maintains energy level throughout the day.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Olympic Medalist, Gymnast and Taekwondo Jin, Bea Lucer0-Lhuillier and Fil-Am Netter, RP Davis Cupper, Cecil Mamiit, even Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) endorse Phiten.  I guess it makes sense. If Phiten claims to be able to enhance the body’s overall flexibility, then sports people are the best bunch to know if it works, right?

Well, I’m definitely no sports person but I get taxed by my everyday activities.  I would have to say that even as I worked non-stop today baking my Christmas goodies, I didn’t feel as tired as I normally would.  To think that I did four batches of baking today alone! I can’t help but think that I should’ve worn this yesterday as well when I attended two events in one day. Road testing this rakuwa bracelet can be really fun! I love that it actually allows me to multi-task (my normal, everyday mode) with minimum to zero stress. Primarily because I don’t feel as easily tired anymore.


wore the three line skeleton throughout the day

I headed over Phiten’s official website and found these designs for different personalities.

rakuwa phiten necklace

rakuwa phiten bracelet

Phiten products are exclusively distributed by SEEMI
Suite 329 LRI Design Plaza
210 Nicanor Garcia St.
Bel-Air, Makati CityTel. 403.0570; 403.0572
Fax. 403.0572

Road Testing Phiten’s Rakuwa Bracelet

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