Tuning in to the Political Arena

We have tried to stay clear of  political issues when it comes to things we tackle in this site. But with the election coming up in a few months, there really is no way we could totally keep mum and not give a piece of our minds. I admit to veering away from watching the news for the longest time but lately, we have found ourselves following through each news that comes up. We are choosing not to remain hopeless amidst our frustration over our government. We may only be but two votes, but we do plan to use them wisely, as the Lord would lead us to vote for particular candidates. With this said, we cannot just stand in the sidelines with apathy.

I believe in my heart that casting our votes is not just a social responsibility that is trivial. The future of the generations to come will depend on how we choose our current leaders. Even as we pray for the Lord’s hand to be upon this particular presidential election, we are pleased to have found this political forum wherein we could look into the candidates for office and even post into discussions and maybe get our queries answered. Politicalarena.com operates under the network of 88DB.com, the Philippines’ first rich media service portal.

political arena

I am particularly pleased to browse through the page dedicated to Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the very person we voted for in 2004. I personally expressed my support again by clicking the support button on his dedicated page. This site allows me to look into the other candidate’s platforms as well.  Voter education is very important and it is just right to have the access to information to the candidates for us to be able to cast our choice wisely.

Tuning in to the Political Arena

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