is Turning 2 with a Contest! – Win “The New Dare to Discipline” book by Dr. James Dobson and P500 worth of Starbucks GCs is turning 2 this December with a blog contest and we are raffling off  Dr. James Dobson’s Best Seller, The New Dare to Discipline book and P500 worth of Starbucks GCs to one of our dear readers. This contest is open to all Philippine residents. With the consideration that at least 55.9% of our readers are from the United States, and if you happen to live in another country and you have a local address I could send the book to, in case you win, then you’re in!  

In celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary, we added the P500 worth of Starbucks GCs that you guys could use to treat your loved ones on a date or even help you grab a hold of that must have planner. We figured what was best to go well with a book and it’s GCs from Starbucks, no less. The hubby and I love to spend time reading our own sets of books over Fraps of our choice. 😀

the new dare to discipline book by Dr. James Dobson


The New Dare to Discipline Book
Children need love, trust, affection–and discipline. From one generation to the next, the challenge of helping children into responsible adults doesn’t change. Dr. Dobson’s classic Dare to Discipline, a practical, reassuring guide for caring parents, has sold over 3.5 million copies since its release in 1970. What gives a book that kind of staying power? The ability to meet a real, felt need in the marketplace. Today, a whole new generation of parents is turning to Dr. Dobson’s wise counsel. Some things never change.

About the Author

James C. Dobson, Ph.D., is founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization that produces his internationally syndicated radio programs, heard by more than 200 million people every day. He is seen on 80 television stations daily in the U.S. A licensed psychologist and licensed marriage, family, and child counselor, he is a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and is listed in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. Dr. Dobson is married to Shirley and is the father of two grown children, Danae and Ryan. He resides in Colorado.

Here’s a short book review I did on one of Dr. James Dobson’s book, The New Strong-Willed Child (Birth Thru Adolescence) and here are a couple more of what others have to say about this particular book, The New Dare to Discipline. (lifted from Amazon)

Wisdom our world is lacking!, October 19, 2009
By Raquel (Idaho)
Dr. Dobson’s book is so insightful! He has devoted his life’s work to encouraging families to become stronger and healthier. We have not only read but practiced so much of this books’ advice with our family and can tell you that it has made a tremendous difference in how our kids respect us and follow our leadership! We have several teenagers in the house at the same time and can actually say we are loving it! We have a mutual respect for one another and we can’t wait to see what they will all do with their lives…hoping we have given them a strong start! We live in a very undisciplined world and while practicing discipline is definitely the harder route, it is also the route that leads to a greater end result.

Much more than just a book on discipline and punishment, February 8, 2007
By Gary R “Trout Hound” (Northern VA) 

I read the original Dare to Discipline book when my first two kids were 5 and 3 yrs old. The book taught my wife and I that much of what our old fashioned parents did in the way of spanking and punishment was really for our own good. But the book did more than that, it taught us that NOT everything our parents did was healthy or esteem building. Dr Dobson stressed that spanking was best limited to willful disobediance and unsafe/harmful behavior. I’ve seen the opposite of this philosophy so many times at the Mall, the Grocery Store and the ball field it makes my head spin. Too many parents yell at their kids or ask their kids over and over again to do this or go there…and the kids merely blow them off. Why should they obey when there are no serious consequences for disrespect behavior? Other parents pull out the belt or paddle for all deviations (which, of course, borders on abuse). Anyway, my wife and I spanked occasionally when our kids were blowing us off…when they were purposefully hurting other kids…when they acting in an unsafe manner (playing in the street or sticking their fingers in the sockets). My older kids are both full 4-yr scholarship winners in college and their younger siblings are straight-A students. Our kids also receive consistent praise from teachers, coaches and church leaders for their positive and respectful attitudes. Dr. Dobson’s advice works…especially if both you and your spouse use the techniques consistently.


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8. I will send the winner, The New Dare to Discipline book ($14.99 value) and 500 worth of Starbucks GCs as soon as Air21 resumes delivery after Christmas. is Turning 2 with a Contest! – Win “The New Dare to Discipline” book by Dr. James Dobson and P500 worth of Starbucks GCs

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