Working on my brand new blog

After so many weeks of putting it off, my homeschool blog is finally live! It’s barely a couple of days old and I’m not about to share the link just yet. Allow me to work on its content first. 🙂

Ever since late June, I have toyed with the idea of putting up a Homeschool Blog. I figured, homeschooling is taking up a bulk of my weekday mornings, then might as well blog about the random activities we do as me and my son do our homeschool routine.  But because I was yet to get the hang of it, a brand new blog will add to the stress.  Less than five months down the homeschooling road, I am now so thrilled to have my brand new baby blog.  We so love homeschooling that getting some few snippets of our everyday classes documented, seeing how my four year old is doing better and better each day, academically and otherwise affirms our stand to homeschool him. Despite the odds.

Admittedly, this homeschool blog is one of the major reasons why I haven’t gone back to working out. I am extremely busy, like you’ll never know. (Excuses!) I know! And with the sumptuous meals I get served during events, I might as well use some Stimerex ES. I have been trying to keep my meals a couple on days that I attend events.  I feel I’m going to balloon up to an uncomfortable weight before Christmas comes if I don’t watch it. 🙂

Working on my brand new blog

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