Seriously Playing


Last week was an extremely busy day for me. The little guy had to sleep over at my folks thrice.  That means I went home late at least three times last week. As much as the grannies love this little guy of ours, there is just something about him being with them that when he comes back home, it’s like he’s totally a different kid! Like seriously.  It could also be that he is most likely to have his way with his grannies than otherwise.  My folks see the effect and after a while they back off from spoiling him.

My son is very resilient, like I believe most kids are.  I talk with him heart to heart and he is usually back to his old self again. Here he is seriously playing this highly addictive Plants vs. Zombies.  If at all, I only allow him to play one round and that’s it.  When

I just found out that at my folks’ place, they cannot get him to stop playing at all!  The horror of horrors can happen when adults allow kids to spend unlimited time playing on the computer and my folks now realizes that, I hope.  They love being with their only grandson, but they have got to be the ones in command, not this little guy.  It was like he changed overnight from a boy who loves his remote control cars, train trucks and tinkering with his many miniature cars and Ferrari parts to someone who is zombified and glued to the computer.

Seriously Playing

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