Share Cheesy Recipes to Break World Record

The very first time I whipped up my very own version of Lasagna was when the time Kraft Eden came out with their then brand new MeltSarap cheese variant. It was an instant hit and has always been a regular recipe since. I made use of Kraft’s packaging recipe and tweaked it here and there, like I always would with my usual recipes. It gives me a certain touch of ownership to the recipe that makes it unique and me.

Here’s a collage if my first ever lasagna.  

jennie's lasagna.

I love trying out and experimenting on recipes and the ones that become instant favorites are usually the ones that include cheese in them. Incidentally, allows me to do just that. Experiment on cheese recipes that I will surprise my family with. You can head over the site and browse through thousands of cheese recipes you can try for yourself or better yet contribute a cheese recipe and make your mark as Filipinos attempt to break the current Guinness world record on December 14, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum. The record by India, to date, is 4,668 and with the Filipinos’ creativity and passion for food we could huddle up and contribute our cheese recipes to reach the 5,000 mark that will break the all time world record of the most number of cheese recipes that a nation has come up with. I just contributed my very own Cheesy Kani Macaroni Salad which is a family favorite too.  Head over to and check it out. 


Meanwhile, I have bookmarked this ultra yummy site . can really be handy even as I plan out meals for my family!

Share Cheesy Recipes to Break World Record

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