The hubs, my hero

I cannot emphasize enough how the hubby has been wonderful through and through, especially during and after the storm that was. It meant a great deal that he spared me the sight of the storm’s aftermath. He had me come home a couple of days after. Although stench was still there, what I can only see from how it left the house was from the pictures. And I can only imagine how gruesome it would have been to see it in person.   You have to cut me some slack because I did have to go through weeks and weeks of cleaning up too, together with my trusty weekend girl who made herself available every single day since day one after the storm. 🙂


Thanks to digital technology, although we lost a whole lot of pictures in the flood, we still have access to more recent photos from the previous several “digital” years. We were in Tagaytay during our 7th anniversary last year when these pictures were taken.  The hubby rode the horse as our son and I rode on a trike. The horse he was on was out of sorts  or something.  But the little guy did have a splendid time driving his trike.


Here’s wondering how we’ll get to spend our 8th anniversary this coming December. 🙂

The hubs, my hero

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