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We’re pretty much back to normal again after the storm. Aside from getting back to our homeschooling routine, I also got back to attending a few events and reviewing beauty products.

One beauty product that I recently did a review on is Photocyane, it is now live via my beauty blog and the review is not positive. What it is supposed to do is thicken hair locks, but it did just the opposite and worse. 🙁

I always make sure to give my readers genuine reviews and as much as I was very hopeful about it when I started with it, a couple of weeks after, I began to have falling hair and pimples all over my head. It’s crazy and my friend, Frances, who happened to have used the same product, also developed pimples all over her head too. But her locks did feel thicker, mine did not. To think that I did not even have falling hair to begin with, I just really hoped to have thicker locks, because although my hair isn’t exactly fine, I could sure make use of thicker locks. 😉

Now, I am off to my quest to find a better brand to recommend to my readers over at Kikay Corner. My sister is currently using another product and I should receive feedback soon. Meanwhile for those who would rather not take chances in some products, they could actually look into hair transplant. Interestingly, Nu/Hart, a well renowned international hair transplant company, has a local satellite here in Manila. Nope, I’m not looking into getting into hair transplant in the near future, just yet. But readers who might be looking into a more permanent solution than that of what you get from regular hair products can actually get a free online consultation from the prominent plastic surgeon, Dr. Romeo Bato.

We’re thankful that despite the devastation of the recent typhoon, we’re able to bounce back to our feet. It’s just nice to be doing regular things again. Back to our routine and some… 🙂

Back to regular programming

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