Apl de Ap is new tourism Ace

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has launched its newest campaign, “Byaheng Pinoy with Apl,” in partnership with MTV Asia.  A refreshing take on promoting the country’s top destinations, the campaign is a product of a long-time collaboration between Apl.de.Ap, or Allan Pineda Lindo, of the Black Eyed Peas and Tourism Secretary Ace Durano. The campaign gave rise to several projects that utilize Apl.de.Ap and his music as a platform to showcase the country’s sites to the world.

A Solid Partnership

“As a globally successful Filipino artist, Apl is the perfect icon to represent our country and its fascinating destinations. His music infused with Pinoy pride certainly makes this campaign fresh and exciting,” said Durano.

The project includes a music video entitled “Take U to the Philippines,” which Apl offered as a complimentary to the DOT compaign. The DOT held a soft launch of the campaign in Singapore recently, where the Black Eyed Peas also performed in the F1 Rocks concert.

“The sheer magnitude of fans who watched the Black Eyed Peas in Singapore is just a tip of the global market we are reaching through our campaign with MTV,” said Durano.

The video, “Take U to the Philipines,” was launched last October 1, to a worldwide MTV market.

When asked about his inspiration in making the video, Apl remarked, “I wanted to showcase all the beautiful spots in the Philippines. I wanted to help out tourism, to inspire others to visit the Philippines; to create jobs for people and help out the country and the community.”

Directed by Andrew Lo, creative director of MTV Asia, the video utilized mixed motion graphics stylized by The Source, a renowned studio in Hollywood.

Apl himself wrote the lyrics, with suggestions from Durano, to highlight local texture of tourist destinations—warm blue waters, parties in Manila, unique Pinoy culture, heart-stopping adventure rides and an infinite number of activities found only in the Philippines.

Undersecretary Eduardo Jarque, Jr., Tourism Planning and Promotions, said, “Although it may seem geared towards the young MTV generations, we are tapping the global traveler and culture connoisseur of all markets. We want the campaign to brand our country as one with infinite number of exciting activities to do for the adventure and culture lovers.”

Apl de Ap is new tourism Ace

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