Moving on…

It has been almost three weeks since we were hit by Ondoy and although clean up isn’t officially done yet (still some more stuff to sort and throw out), we’re picking up the pieces and slowly going back to normal.  Although our 4 year old son’s paces got wet as well with flood water, we have resolved to sanitize, dry and still use whatever was left.   Buying a replacement for every single wet pace would cost a lot and that’s something we cannot afford anymore right now. We had to order 16 paces that we failed to retrieve (8 Science and 8 Word Building Paces). The sets will be available Monday next week but we’ve already resumed homeschooling Monday of this week and I cannot be more thrilled to see my son’s fine motor skills has improved a great deal!

Our financial resources are now exhausted but we continue to lean on the truth that God will not have us want.  We’re taking things one day at a time and are extremely grateful that the Lord has allowed for us to make use of the major things that we need at home. We finally got the gas range and automatic washer repaired. Although I still have to feed our supposedly fully automatic washer manually with water. 😛 We can’t afford to have the pump replaced yet, but it’s great that it is already usable.  I even think that the lifting exercise can be as good as a dip bar for now, lol! 😀 A lot of things need repairing but we’re putting most of them on hold. We prioritized on the things that we need and that’s good. 🙂

Moving on…

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