Time. This is what I have been hoping to have more of. More time to be able to squeeze everything in my schedule. After having met with five of the girls that I disciple in church last Sunday, I still have a few that I wasn’t able to catch up with. Being online most of the time, I encouraged them to update me via email and so far this is also working for us. 🙂

While it is a given that there is no way that I could extend an hour to my day, I know I should get better at juggling my time to be able to do everything and be effective while I’m at it. I honestly cannot help but feel tired sometimes. Being a work from home mom is never  walk in a park. What, with the things I do from homeschooling, article writing, the endless house chores and things in between.  I pretty much have a valid reason to go nuts, but I choose to enjoy and love what I do. 😀

What alone gets me going, is my daily time with the Lord, get that out of my schedule and I’m out of sorts. Although I happen to believe that I have valid reasons to get worn out, I would still find myself drained and even fuss over petty irritations. It is my default when my heart is not in tune with God. Everyone around me suffers too. Fretting and toiling over things that don’t really matter and the unimportant cares of this world can easily get the best of me, when I don’t spend time with my first love.

Having said that, it makes me really happy that despite some frustrations over the things that I can’t squeeze in my schedule and even the things I hope I could do better at, I was still able to go back to working out last week. Yay! It makes me grateful because I never knew there was any way I could go right back to the ellipticals, let alone go back to doing yoga and aerobics. But I was able to do it, even just for a day. I realized that this is a part of my being that I cannot take for granted. Sitting on my workstation several hours a day, with breaks to do some chores in between is killing my body and causing some stiff and stressed muscles here and there. It drains me and I cannot afford to feel weak, even physically. It compromises all the things that I have lined up in my schedule.

I wasn’t able to follow it through the next days because my body ached really bad after my first day of workout comeback. I should take note to keep the first day of workout no more than 10 minutes. I worked out a little over 30 minutes and I got sore all over. It was a failed attempt, all right, but at least I know better what to do next time. Before I stopped working out last March, I did an hour’s workout everyday without fuss. With that out of the way and with my plan to getting right back to a more regular workout next week, I’m so looking forward to a long birthday weekend over at the cool mountains of Baguio with my family. 😀


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