This little guy deserves a surprise

Our son, Jed took his third unit test last Thursday and passed with flying colors– concluding our first quarter of this school year. 😀 He is now able to follow through the stories, instructions and all, his fine motor skills have improved significantly, too. We will officially start with the second quarter this coming Tuesday. Monday, being a non-working holiday.


“close your eyes” (this is what we always have him do to get him ready for the surprise)

It has been a while since we got him a real surprise.  This time he totally did not see it coming.  We got him a more durable RC.  All his previous ones are now broken and dysfunctional.  He so loves cars and there is nothing that will overwhelm him more than this. So we figured to get him something that he really wants, this time a more durable one.  It helped too that it was 50% off from the time we last saw it. 🙂


“no peeking!”

what glee!


presenting his new favorite toy!

getting started 🙂

Toy cars are hands down, Jed’s favorite. Next is playing in bounce houses. Just last Monday, he wanted to play in one in the mall we went to but there were just too many kids inside already.  Maybe next time when we chance upon one again.

We’re just so happy to see him breezing through his first year in school.  We love homeschooling and we see that he also does. I have so many things on queue to share and hope I will be able to do that soon. 🙂

This little guy deserves a surprise

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