First Quarter of Homeschooling is Done


Yesterday, my son and I wrapped up our first quarter of homeschooling. I cannot be more proud of him! Right from the time that we started, how he memorized the visualized instructions by heart, which is foundational to every pace that we use for every single subject of every single school day. I never had a hard time getting him through the homeschooling routine, to start with. I cannot be more convinced that this is exactly what I should be doing. My heart is full and I am overjoyed as I see right before my very eyes how his eyes light up as he learns new things and all the developments!  How he associates everyday things with the new learnings. How he can locate countries and places around the globe and to think that it has only been less than 3 months!!! I can go on and on about these things, but here’s one thing for sure– in my heart I know that this is exactly the place that I should be and not the sidelines.

These are the paces that our son has completed. All 12 paces of 5 different subjects, namely: Word Building, English, Social Studies, Science and Math.


This is our son’s school office.  The first quarter had us zero in on 9 letter sounds. What I love best about School of Tomorrow’s curriculum is the way it incorporates values and Bible principles in the lessons.  During the first week, I doubted myself a bit if homeschooling was for me.  I was never an animated storyteller and when you deal with a preschooler, it is a non-negotiable to be one.  Basing from how our child responds, his improvements and all, we cannot help but celebrate! God has been gracious and we are really grateful. 😀

First Quarter of Homeschooling is Done
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