1 Day to 34

Last August 20, 2009, dear hubby joined the Honda Challenge Cup, Drive Every Drop and landed first in their category. The category being, 1.3 A/T Honda City. I honestly was not surprised as I have always seen my man to join every game to win. From soccer to the ministry, he is a very driven man.

Drive Every Drop City Driving Leg

Jeff is turning 34 tomorrow. Happy birthday in advance, Jeff! 😀 Our son and I are thrilled to celebrate it with him. I have been looking for the perfect gift but found none. After having seen our car’s condition now,  a year after it was given its makeover, we are seriously praying for a better vehicle, not necessarily with grill guards. The dripping problem is making its comeback and some other repairs that pop up from time to time.  Although at this point, it is still not feasible,  we trust that in God’s perfect time, even as we pray for it, He will make it possible.  🙂

1 Day to 34

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