Homeschooling is a Calling

The schedule of a homeschooling mom who happens to also work from home is not exactly stress free, to say the least. Ever since we started with our homeschool classes more than two months ago, I find myself getting taxed, especially during the first few weeks when I was still trying to grab a hold of the of the curriculum. It can be crazy, I tell you. So cut homeschooling moms some slack when it comes to homemaking.

Obviously, this has taken a backseat since we started with our curriculum. Except that, effective last week, my weekend girl, Mariet, called in and told me that she will be available to come report every week. Yay! Such blessing! I trust her and could even leave the house with her on weekends. When she became unavailable for months, I had to hire some random help, who never got me satisfied. Mariet isn’t just reliable but an expert also in cleaning my bath tub the way I wanted it done and even the ceramic tiles. She’s an angel. So, as she takes care of the general cleaning, I get the easier task of just maintaining the house on weekdays.

To keep my sanity intact, a weekend girl became a necessity, when we started homeschooling.


Being a not very patient person, it was so unlike me to ever venture, let alone consider homeschooling. But as the conviction became stronger even as my son got older to be ready for school, I knew there was no way I’m running away from my calling.

Yes, homeschooling is a calling. It can’t be anything lesser than that. It requires a parent’s commitment to immerse herself to the whole program for the benefit of her child. Like a calling, it requires patience and selflessness, two characters that the Lord is continually molding into my character. More than what people could ever tell me to my face, I see that a whole lot of people are not able to grasp the advantages of homeschooling. The sound of disapproval in their voices as they continue to try to talk me out of our plan to homeschool my son a few months, even years back. I am just happy that I have always been one with my husband in our vision for our son as we take upon ourselves to train our child in the foundation that we want for him inside and out. Even as we share this belief, we also understand that homeshooling is not for everyone. But it is for us and we will always be grateful that the Lord has allowed us to tread this path. We are still praying and waiting for God to reveal to us, up until what level we are going to homeschool our son. For now, we will keep on and rejoice in the successes of homeschooling that as early as two months, we are already seeing. 🙂

Homeschooling is a Calling

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