What to give for his birthday

Exactly a couple of weeks. That is the time I have left until the hubby’s 34th birthday. I am hoping that this time I will be able to give him something special. I have taken him for granted in this aspect, I admit. Oftentimes, even during his birthday, it will be him who will give me a present. He is too sweet.

I have been thinking of what to give him for over a week now. I got pretty excited when I looked into free online auctions and I found several stuffs that are for bidding. But the thing is I still don’t know what exactly to look for. Care to suggest anything? I asked him a couple of times and he would always give me vague answers. If he would at all, it is something that it is impossible for me to give to him at the moment. Makes me think that he really doesn’t want me to get him anything at all. A simple card would be too lame.  I have given him cards, sometimes nothing in most of our married years.  I hope this birthday will be different. 🙂

What to give for his birthday

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