Downy Anti Bac helps ward off mosquitoes

Downy AntibacThe hubby and I were invited last Friday to the Downy Anti Bac event for bloggers. We were in Palawan when I received the invitation from Yehey! and I couldn’t be more interested. It was introduced as a new way to repel pesky mosquitoes and still smell good at the same time. Boy, have I become some sort of an O.C. when it came to that. It all started soon after I gave birth, some four years ago. Truth is, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Imagine my delight when I found out that the product is that of Down Anti Bac, no less. My first thought was, okay, that’s not a new product at all. But still I was keen to listen and learn. I found myself open to the idea that this could help our household ward off mosquitoes. The idea of getting rid of those pesky pests that are notorious is bringing about a whole barrage of sicknesses, sounded good to me. If you would remember the Dengue Scare in our village, then you will understand.

I should say that the people behind the event really knew what they were doing. It couldn’t have been more perfect than for them to hook us up and get tips and pieces of advice from the the Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping herself, Jing Lejano. For one, warding off pests should really start off with cleanliness. Jing Lejano toured us around this huge and classic house and gave us some household tips and hints on how to maintain the overall cleanliness of our home. Being the author of Handy Tips and Hints, this is such a welcome topic for me. I always could make use of a thing or two to share with my readers.

jing lejano of good housekeeping

Our household uses Downy from time to time, that is if my usually biodegradable fabric conditioner is not available, but now that I have seen it for myself and even as the people behind the Philippine Association of Entomologists (PAE) have vouched for Downy Anti Bac that it decreases the mosquitoes landing incident on fabrics by 33%, how was I to negate that.

Check out this actual test:

You might be as intrigued as I was on how exactly Downy Anti Bac works. First allow me to enumerate some facts how human attracts mosquitoes, as I have learned from the people behind the Philippine Association of Entomologists (PAE):
Human attracts mosquitoes because of:
1. sweat/body odor.
2. Carbon dioxide released from breath and skin
3. skin temperature and moisture

Downy Anti Bac works because :
1. the anti bacterial ingredients control the growth of malodor causing germs as it maintains fabric freshness.
2. fragrance technology provides long lasting freshness.

{Reference: Bernier U.R., Kline D.L. et al. Analysis of Human Skin Emanations by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry 2. Identification of Volatile Compounds that are Candidate Attractants for the Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes Aegypti))

All the research that I have read about this is saying a lot already and although Down Anti Bac does not exactly guarantee to totally repel mosquitoes, the decrease of 33% of landing incident is enough for me to do the switch. Plus our newly laundered clothes smell fresher than ever. Don’t just take my word for it, try Downy Anti Bac and see for yourself. 🙂

Downy Anti Bac helps ward off mosquitoes

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