Time with My Boys at Marikina Sports Park


After a while that the hubby and I were extra busy with church and ministry, today, we were finally able to spend some quality time with our son. Jeff is showing our son here some juggling exercises.


We have been observing our son, Jed and noticed that he keeps using his left foot more than his right whenever he kicks the ball. He writes using his right hand. Now I’m wondering if a toddler his age should still be ambidextrous. He just turned 4 a couple of months ago. Makes me think as well that maybe the reason he is having a hard time keeping the colors inside the line is because he is really left handed (?). This is something that I should research on very soon.



my boys’ striking poses


working up his kick ๐Ÿ™‚




my tired boy


Another tired stance of his. My queue that he’s had enough for the day.


ready to leave the sports park


Our son took this shot. He is so fond of wearing my camera over his neck whenever I allow him. And whenever he can get away with it, he will click the flash button. Otherwise, we just have him use the Program setting. He just loves the flash of Nikki (my camera) popping up, which explains the overexposed areas in the picture.

The Palawan missions trip really got us pretty occupied the last couple of weeks and this was a long awaited bonding time for the three of us. I look forward to the time that our son could join us in the ministry. We should be able to go visit the ILs this coming Wednesday. Hoping to take advantage of the non-working holiday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time with My Boys at Marikina Sports Park

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