Gratitude to my folks

My coming with the hubby for this Breaking Point missions trip in Palawan would not have been possible if it were not for my folks agreeing to care for our son while Jeff and I are away. Aren’t grandfolks the coolest? Mine are. They really are. Aside from the fact that they are both retired, my son is the only grand child they have to date.

mama and papa

papa and mama at Hotel Vancouver

As much as they love being in Western countries better because of all its conveniences and lesser dust (mama keeps emphasizing this) compared to Manila, they are still here. I remember having a hard time going to events when they were outside the country last year.

Even as I see the fine lines on my face, I understand the fact that as I grow older, my folks do as well. My mom keeps saying that she only has little time left on earth and as much as I defy the idea, it is the truth. If I were to choose, I would rather go first before any of my loved one. But that is just not the way life is.

This brings me to express my gratitude towards my parents. As true as I do not exactly agree with their tendency to spoil my son, no nanny can do what they do and I am always more confident to leave my son with them. I choose to be nanny less for 4 years now and with valid reason. Thanks again Mama and Papa!

Gratitude to my folks

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