Prayer Requests for Upcoming Evangelistic Events

A week from today, I will be experiencing one of the busiest weeks of my year. As a missions team from Sagemont Church in Houston, Texas composed of at least 27 individuals arrives on Tuesday, there are a series of evangelistic events lined up starting on Wednesday afternoon until the 29th of this month.

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On the 22nd, we will be conducting a basketball mini-league and we are targeting to come up with four teams, one of which is a team of college students from Houston, and gather a big audience and get the opportunity to share the gospel in the event.

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On the 24th, the missions team, in partnership with Breaking Point Foundation and different churches networked with our mother church Sumulong Baptist Church, will be conducting two Breaking Point programs, one in the morning at Manggahan High School and one right after lunch at Santolan High School, both in Pasig City. In these events, students will have the opportunity to watch and hear a clear presentation of the gospel and respond to it.

On the 26th, the team, together with twelve local volunteers (including me and my wife), will be flying to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for a scheduled two-day Breaking Point programs at Palawan National High School which has at least 6,000 students.

Here are some prayer requests as we conduct these events:

1. Pray that we would continue to find favor in the eyes of the school administrators we are dealing with and that we will be one in our purpose – to keep the students away from drug or substance abuse by introducing them to a right relationship with God.

2. Pray that the spiritual blindness of those who will hear the gospel would be removed and that they would clearly understand the need for God in their lives.

3. Pray for strength for all participants in this week-long evangelistic campaign.

4. Pray also for traveling mercies.

Thanks in advance to all those who will be praying for us and these requests.

Prayer Requests for Upcoming Evangelistic Events

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