The Gift of Friendship

Although it rained quite a bit yesterday, I was really thrilled to wrap up a productive day with friends, over at the Moringa Wellness event. I will post more on that later. 🙂

The day started out with my friend, Ria, as we spent more than 4 hours in a photography class in UP Diliman. I really appreciate how she helped me when I got lost along the way. Imagine, I don’t even know my camera! I got frazzled for a while because I thought I lost my lens cover. Haha! And if you are in a class with fast paced lessons, there is no way you can miss anything out or else you won’t just get your money’s worth, but it might leave you clueless through the class.

It was a happy workshop day for me, I love being with Teacher Ria. Although it was not exactly the best day for her, I just love that I could be with her in a class that we both are passionate about. Her sweet spirit can be very inspiring and a not so good day will fail to even mask that. Thanks, Ria!

Later that evening as we drove to Greenhills for the Wellness event, after our yummy yoghurt and fries fix, we met a bunch of blogging friends over at Max’s. One of which is one of my bestest friends in high school. I am more than glad that through these blogging events we get to hang out more than we ever would otherwise. She has remained the sweet friend that she has always been. She even handed me this colorful, fancy bracelet and I could only hit myself on the head for forgetting one of the friendship bracelets I bought from our vacation in Boracay. Most of the bracelets we brought with us, I have already given away to my girls in church and they all loved it.

My husband and I always look forward to being with friends. Most of our different sets of friends have become common friends since we got together. The happiness that being with friends brings us, just affirms that we are all built for relationships. 🙂

The Gift of Friendship
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