Pros and Cons of Getting a Pet Dog

dogs and toddlers Although dogs are not exactly my most favorite thing in the world (it has something to do with the phobia I picked up when I was three), I am beginning to see the advantages of having one. They really can be good guards of your home, if we come to think of it. It can also be my son’s pet. That is actually the primary reason why I may consider. With emphasis on MAY, please. It will really take something for me to agree on us getting one.

The dog supplies are immaterial, what I am concerned about is its maintenance. I don’t like the smell of dogs very much. Also there are a few articles I have come across about the dangers getting a toddler a pet dog. How dogs can also have their moods and can cause horrible things. The potty training of the dog is another. There is no way I’m having all its poop all over my place. All this said, I know as well that a dog can really be a loyal friend. It can also teach my son how to be responsible. There are pros and cons to it. As for me, it is something we are going to have to put off for the time being. Until probably my son likes one enough to commit himself to be the one to take care of it. 🙂

Pros and Cons of Getting a Pet Dog

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