Praying for a Better Car

A year ago today we had our trusty old car fixed up and made over. With the reality of the second law of Thermodynamics, Entropy and the fact that its model is 20 years old, one problem after another has been showing up these past months. From the clutch cable giving way to the need of its water pump replaced, we are led to pray for a better car. We don’t need a fancy one with rear spoiler, just a reliable one to keep regular visits to the mechanic at bay. It doesn’t even have to be a brand new one. Although the likelihood of repairs and maintenance is less with a brand new one, a good second hand one will not be so bad.

Through the years, we have seen God provide with all our needs, tangible and otherwise. We know in our hearts that this prayer will not be impossible. He knows our needs and our hearts.

Praying for a Better Car

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