Second Week of Homeschooling

My son and I are currently in the middle of our second week of homeschooling. We’re happy to report that we breezed through the first week and we actually enjoyed every minute of it. Okay, I have to admit that I have to do better at being a more animated storyteller/preschool teacher. But so far so good, we are reaping the benefits of the kind of curriculum School of Tomorrow has provided homeschooling families like ours.


One drawback of having your school in your home is the heat. Two days ago when temperature was probably more than 35 degrees Celsius, even when the stand fan was on high, steady and facing where we were, the humidity can still be very unfriendly. It would be nice to get our ceiling fans replaced or better yet get an air conditioner installed in the living room where we hold our classes. The only AC unit we have is in the master bedroom and so much so that I hold my office in the living room, as well as our homeschool classes, then it should make sense to install one in the future, if not soon. To think that summer is over, how much worse it would be when summer is here again, right? We’ll see, we’ll see..

The hubby took this picture above I think a couple of days back. Although our son has the tendency to be restless sometimes, it helps a lot to remind him about the visualized instructions for each lesson that we have.

Eyemeans“find” or “look”
Fingermeans“trace,” “point,” or “place your finger on”
Earmeans“listen carefully”
Stopsign means“do as Ace is doing”(the picture of Ace handing Miss Content a PACE will serve as the instruction to turn the PACE in to the supervisor for scoring)
Question markmeans“think”

I only had to explain the visualized instruction to him once on our first day and he got everything by heart. Of course, he already knows all these things and we are more or less just reviewing the lessons that he already knows. What he is definitely benefiting from Preschool with Ace and Christi program is the development of his fine motor skills. He knows his past and present tense way before we started homeschooling. He already even knows his numbers and can add simple numbers. What we are working on is his writing skills, which admittedly, I have taken for granted to focus on. But right now his lines are less crooked, circles are more of circles than otherwise.

The curriculum uses letter sounds and not letter names to teach toddlers, for which, I am really glad. This validates what we have done from the start. We are just beginning I know and it will be more fun as we go along. We are really grateful that the Lord has allowed for us to home school. 🙂

Second Week of Homeschooling

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